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2019 Top Asian Escorts in Manhattan , Brooklyn, Queens, Long Islands. Out-call only
2019 Top Asian Escorts in Manhattan , Brooklyn, Queens, Long Islands. Out-call only


Asian Amour Outcall is an escort site based in New York. We offer premium outcall escort and massage services. Our services and Our business targets adults (persons above the age of 21 years ONLY) who have made a conscience decision to engage us, fulfill their fantasies, have their fetishes met and all these under lawful circumstances. All fantasies and fetishes shall be entertained except pedophilia, illegal prostitution, sex trafficking. We shall not entertain illegal activities on this website or business. If you notice any of our stuff conducting any business contrary to what is offered on this site, click here to contact us

By entering this website, you confirm you are of the legal age of 21 years or older, you are allowed by law to view adult material in your current location, and you are choosing to receive any and all information that has been revealed on this website.

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Looking for a rich, diverse gallery of Sensual Asian Escorts NY? Want some of the most gorgeous call girls you’ll ever see? Or simply looking for a high-quality New York Escort agency?

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Asian Amour Outcall has a wide collection of sweet call girls in New York City. Each Escort girl will make her clients happy, ensuring that his every need is fully met. We provide reliable Escort services at affordable rates in New York City. Also, we have served thousands of customers with a high satisfaction rate.  As a famous New York Asian Escort agency, we offer you the perfect companion for dinner or an intimate, private date. This, with our attractive and experienced Asian Escorts whose charm and beauty will make you feel like a million dollars.


Manhattan Call Girls 2017

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2019 Top #1 GFE Escorts in New York City

Whatever the event, our New York Asian Escorts are perfect companions, WHY?

Our NY Asian Escorts portfolios and featured best New York Escort services we offer have an optional section with questions about the intended event because people visit New York for various reasons.


1. You could be aiming for the big stakes at a sporting event


Perhaps, taking in the nightclub experience of a lifetime or simply going out to dinner with friends. Maybe you could be in town for a bachelor party, business convention, work retreat or any other social function that you need some relaxing, exciting time away from. Whatever your reason for being in the city, the ultimate goal is normally to have fun and refresh for a new chapter in life.


2. A business meeting in New York is always a good and bad decision

Good because of the fun you can have. Bad because you’ll be thinking about the end of the meeting so you can get to the fun. Those business trips and other occasions are perfectly spiced up with a hot, amazing Escort. Ideal for any event, at the end of the day.


3. Every man experiences some kind of pressure to find a suitable date when invited to a friend’s wedding

This is usually a difficult decision and hiring one of our girls is an easy solution that would allow you to enjoy the day with a glamorous woman who can be anything you need. Our girls could tag along to a movie, a favorite concert, a wild pool party or a tour of town. She is a beauty with brains and will be one of the best companions you have ever had.


4. These stunning girls are also ideal for corporate events which can open a world of opportunities for you

A stunning beauty walking around with you will offer perfect advertising, with other business partners admiring your choice and maybe wanting to get a few tips on finding one like that.

This will improve your networking because amidst the glamour talk about your woman, business talk will not be far behind. While your wife or girlfriend may not be free to attend your business dinners and other events, our New York Japanese Escorts can fill this void perfectly at affordable rates and with no strings attached.


5. Whatever kind of event you are attending, our Escorts will be amazing companions

Whether it is a social or professional event, the ladies can adapt to the situation perfectly, giving you an improved and low-stress experience. They are fun and exciting to have around. Intelligent conversationalists, with knowledge of business etiquette that will make you look good in front of business associates, clients, and even bosses. Have you never been to New York City? Our girls are excellent tour guides who would be more than happy to show you the town.



Among New York Asian Escort agencies, your experiences with our girls are entirely exclusive. First and foremost, we care about customer satisfaction. Our sweet and professional customer service ensures our customers are consistently coming back for future engagements.

All of our Escort girls provide some of the best companionships you will find in the city. We know that every client has different expectations. Thus, we offer a wide selection of Escort models chosen to fit clients’ varied desires.



With our agency, there are absolutely zero hidden fees or travel costs. All information available on this website has been very carefully reviewed for accuracy by the owner and operator of this New York Asian Escort agency before being published.Our New York Asian Escort agency offers verified high-end Asian Escort service, but at lower prices, than you will find at any other agency. This makes us one of the best options for New York Escort services. Other Escort agencies hire a call center which greatly raises the Escort’s cost due to service fees. However, our New York Asian Escort agency has a dedicated customer service hotline run by friendly, professional operators who will help you avoid unreasonable rates and charges



Our New York Asian Escorts agency provides kind and experienced Asian Escorts in New York City. From curvy to slender, native New Yorkers to more recent arrivals. Thus allowing the possibility of experiencing different cultures. If you seek a young, beautiful, Asian Escort, feel free to call us at (212)537-6626 to book an appointment today.



Unlike many of our rivals, we provide real profiles for all of the girls on our site. It is a dedication to honesty and quality customer service. We have proven this many times which has led to very high customer satisfaction ratings. You will meet attractive girls, the same as you saw on their profile pages in our Escort gallery. In addition, we stick to any and all laws imposed by the United States of America.


What's New for Today about Asian Amour Outcall


4. Our New York agency has a wide selection of beautiful women to choose from

Some of our competitors employ only a few ladies. Contrarily, our New York Asian Escort agency employs a large number of exotic, busty girls.So, no matter what you choose, you will be satisfied.

New York is known for its many glamorous hotels and high-quality strip clubs. It is also the ultimate destination for any bachelor party or anyone looking to have some wild fun. But, what you may not know is that New York is home to beautiful Escorts that will reignite the fire in you.

The beauty is coupled with professionalism and great personalities which will offer you mind-blowing experiences.


5. We are deeply committed to guaranteed client satisfaction

You can access our Escorts’ portfolios and featured Escort services we offer in our New York Agency. This way, you can find the exact girl to fulfill your fantasies.

Once you identify a girl you like, simply click on her picture. You’ll get detailed information about her and view her entire image gallery. There you’ll find options to e-mail, call or SMS. These can be used to communicate with the girl, make all the necessary arrangements and she will be there shortly.

6. Take some time to check out our eye-catching Gallery

We have a mix of young, highly intelligent Escorts ready to satisfy all your desires.Our agency will provide a combination of all social companion and escort services. Plus, a guarantee of real person, affordable rates, and maximum, memorable pleasure.


7. Our New York Asian Escort girls are expert entertainers with a specific aim of giving you maximum pleasure

It is their job and they give it the seriousness it deserves. They know that this is the best way to have sure fun. It is not the only option but is certainly the best option. Actual dating is costly. Nightclubs and the one night stands you pick may or may not cost money. This is a gamble with no guarantee of success.

The Escorts we offer you give you the full value of your money. Forget the awkwardness and stresses of any fetish you may want. You can fulfill your weirdest fantasies with these beautiful New York Escort girls. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help fulfilling your deepest fantasies!

What you may think is new and uncomfortable to the girl, may be something she has a secret talent in. They will also offer great conversations and you can have them for as long as you can pay.

8. What look turns you on? Is it the big and beautiful, or the slim and hot?

Asian Amour New York Escorts agency know that each individual has his own personal tastes that turn him on. We have a wide selection of girls. We know you will be able to find the ideal Escort to make your meeting unforgettable. A lot of effort is put into finding and recruiting a wide variety of girls that will suit the needs and desires of all our clients.

New York attracts some of the highest quality model-like girls and gifted, well-endowed women from all over the world. So often, these attractive women may seem too expensive for most men. They think that they are preserved for the high and mighty.

Our New York Asian Escort agency completely disproves these falsehoods. Our main goal is to make your fantasy girl a reality by offering girls at affordable rates. The women you thought were out of reach are just a phone call away.

Just make this call to meet the woman of your dreams. The one with a charming personality and the ability to arouse the fire in you. She will blow your mind away with her exotic capabilities. Not a bad way to fulfill your fantasies, right?


9. The wonderful Feeling of Dating a New York Asian Escort

Our Portfolios and featured New York Asian Escort services offered by our agency have a special dating feature. Here, you can simply request our call girls for a number of days.

The professional Asian Escorts we employ are only interested in making sure you have a good time. They won’t criticize or judge you for any shortcomings or failures. Your parenting, job title, and home are irrelevant to them.

They won’t complain, nag or argue about simple petty issues. They won’t pretend to be your wife or girlfriend and won’t expect anything from you. Only their dues and maybe a little respect, which, while optional, is highly encouraged to maximize your pleasurable experience


We always value your privacy. Asian Amour will never disclose any information regarding you or our New York Escort girls. This is to assure you that all services requested by you are strictly confidential and will always remain as such.

Additionally, our New York Japanese Escorts are very discreet in every aspect. They will never ask you any personal questions that may make you uncomfortable. Our duty is to address your specific desires and to ensure 100% happiness with our services.


What’s so special about our New York Asian escorts?

Well, first and foremost, the girls in our New York Asian Escort agency are incredibly hot. They have physical characteristics that, once hired, you cannot wait to see all of. Many work as models and entertainers in a variety of venues.


A. Our New York Asian Escorts have stunning looks

A combination of spectacular bodies and beautiful faces. You’d be hard-pressed to find the same quality of combination anywhere else. However, these attributes are common to many Escort agencies in New York and, indeed, around the world. This is why we boast of more than just our girls’ physical beauty. We offer a special feature that many others don’t.

If you are looking for more than just looks, the ladies with our agency will be more than happy to offer you an all-around service.


B.  They have a special gift for conversation that will surprise and impress you

Dating is often difficult if you’re with a girl who lacks this art. When the conversation becomes dry, a very awkward situation presents itself between both parties. Any intended fun and entertainment can quickly turn to quite the opposite.

Men interpret this as various negative things. It could be a show of a woman’s disinterest in what you are saying or she may be in her own world of thoughts.

The clients who are only interested in beauty and a great meeting experience would not mind. However, it may make a big difference to some. This is what makes our girls very special. They are meant to satisfy every need. If it is a conversation you want, then, a stunning conversation you will get.

They will show great interest and delight in your conversation topics. Also, acting not only as an Escort, but as a therapist if needed.


C. They will give you a therapeutic and erotic experience for the price of one

To many, it comes as a surprise that all our girls possess this amazing quality despite their different backgrounds. However, this comes from the fact that a good number of the girls at our agency work as Escorts for the thrill and excitement and not particularly for the money.

Some of the women in our agency are doctors, nurses, teachers and students. They bring varied experiences, backgrounds and knowledge to the table that will create unique conversational experiences.



This is always a very tough decision for most clients because we offer a variety of beautiful women with great bodies, beautiful faces, and sparkling personalities. This lineup is so diverse that all tastes and desires can be fulfilled. It is very difficult to find an intelligent and beautiful girl in the real world who can blow your mind away. Something is always missing in the normal girls you come across every day but not with our beautiful Escorts. They are the complete package.


The first step in selecting the perfect Asian Escort from us is contact

First, we offer various modes of communication, including e-mail, telephone or SMS, allowing you to communicate with the agency in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Our friendly support staff are on duty 24/7 to serve you. They will ask you a number of questions which will help us to pick your taste and preferences. Answer the questions properly and give any additional information that will help us choose the best girl for you and your fantasies.

It is much easier if you go to the gallery and pick a girl, but we understand this can be very tough for many clients. Who wouldn’t want them all? However, we are professionals in the Escort business, and with a few responses, we can recommend a suitable girl for you who will give you an amazing experience.


Depending on your desires

They can also turn up in a revealing outfit to take your feelings to the next stage. No matter what you truly want, there are lots of ways to take pleasure in the business of our exquisite companions in NYC. They are there to ensure you have the perfect company.

They will surely schedule an exceptional meeting time with you which will undoubtedly end in greater enjoyment and fulfillment. It doesn’t matter if you want them to be your partner for a unique event, a perfect companion or perhaps that naughty fully grown arm piece. You certainly will never forget the experience that you had with our New York Asian Escorts.

We choose the very best Asian Escorts to help increase our awesome work portfolio of radiant dates with a wonderful customer planning experience for all of our highly regarded clients. Our Escorts are beautiful, young girls and very knowledgeable in New York City. Just tell our VIP New York Escort Ladies about your location as well as the time you desire and you will get your exclusive Escort service delivered immediately. Therefore, call us now – we are waiting for you!


In conclusion

As the best New York Asian Escorts agency you’ll find, Asian Amour is offering young, amazing, and beautiful girls with great physical attributes as well as intelligence and excellent social skills. Contact us today for the best Escorts to offer you a wide range of amazing and unforgettable services.

We guarantee you maximum satisfaction and a mind-blowing sensual feeling that you could actually get addicted to. You won’t find a better New York Escort agency that offers such amazing New York Escort services at a more affordable rate. Customer satisfaction, not the bottom line, will always be our highest priority.



By far, Asian Amour has not received a single negative complaint regarding New York Asian escort service, every client is happy and satisfied.


Parting tip for Escort Clients:

Escort agencies are the best choice if you’re hoping to get a trustworthy Asian Escort worth your time and money. For security purposes and safety, it is always wise to hire Escort services from a trustworthy agency that you can follow up with should anything go wrong.

With soft, sensuous skin, innocent expressions, and experienced, dirty minds, our perfect Asian Escorts are never a disappointment. They are always sociable and inviting, and forever willing to keep you company. These enticing Asian beauties are every man’s fantasy. I was shocked that I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of such an amazing woman the first time one of Asian Amour Escort Service’s girls appeared at my door.

If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for the dating scene, why should you be lonely? I simply make a call to Asian Amour Escort Service and an amazing, alluring, Asian hottie appears at my door to banish loneliness for another evening.


Customer feedback to our escort agency

The beautiful Asian Escorts of Asian Amour Escort Service will completely satisfy any man’s deepest cravings and fully renew his spirit, and I speak from experience. Oftentimes, on lonely evenings, I employ the services of the voluptuous Asian girls of Asian Amour Queens Escort Service. After every dating spent with one of these gorgeous women, I wake up with a smile on my face, ready to take on the world.

Left a Review by Jim Kircher for Massage Service


Getting my happiness back 🙂

I would like to thank you miss for the opportunity to enjoy your service given to me. I enjoyed a lot in these holidays and your service made it a holiday to remember. The girls sent by you both were in a perfect coordination. I don’t know why people say happiness cannot be bought by money. However, because of your service my thoughts have changed regarding this proverb.

Left a Review by Dan Wakeford for Body Rub service


I would again like to visit your service and also like to request that you open a new branch in your area. so that you will not be regretting your decision and you will never miss your customers there. customer like to promote agencies like yours. You help people get their happiness back which they had lost in their daily busy life.

Left a Review by John Merriman for Long Island Escorts Service


Lastly, I thank you and promise to visit your agency again. I would probably forget my holidays but I will not forget your service. Thanking you and praying for your agency to prosper and make people enjoy their life.

Left a Review by Renee Rewiski for our Bronx Asian Escorts Service


The beautiful thing about humanity is that there is always an exquisite feminine beauty to match each man’s taste and passion. It’s no secret that we men have a great affinity for Asian ladies. Their flawless skin and dark hair give a unique edge to this beauties. As a matter of fact, they tend to be more delicately built than other women. With this Asian girl, you can be certain to discover a submissive Far East provider who is sweet and really charming to you. She will keep you enthralled no matter what.

Left a Review by Tony Forder for our Staten Island Escort Service


Nothing makes life better than having a gorgeous Asian woman around you.

Our Asian Escort service possesses the ability to discreetly handle any situation and meet all particular desires. You can kick back and relax knowing that you will be given a royal treat that will surely be unforgettable. An experience with this perfect female Brooklyn Escort services will leave you delighted and yearning for more.

Left a Review by Johnson for our Chinese style Escort Service


Behind closed doors, she makes all my dreams and fantasies come true. She Rocks my World and Some. I left with a smile and be thinking of me for days until we meet again and again. She is friendly, considerate, with her sweet nature and charm. She prides herself on providing an unrushed session so we can enjoy each other. I like to be pleased. I really enjoy what I do and it shows.

Left a Review by Rodrigo Cardenas for our fetish Service


Asian Amour Outcall is the best Manhattan Escort agency that can meet our standard, we will surely use them again next time in NYC.

Left a Review by John Baranowski


Great Experience! The escort is just what I ordered, graceful and happy talking, we had a good time!

Left a Review by John Lofstock


Customer feedback to our premium escort outcall service.


Excellent Experience! They arranged a college girl for meeting and We were both fulfilled in the event at that evening. Will contact her again for more dating in this way.

Left a Review of Sandy


It seemed they provide female escorts only, no male escort involved which I was looking for, but my friends love to enjoy your New York escort service. Thanks for the time.

Left a Review of Maggie


An Outstanding Escort Service Agency-I highly recommend this escort service to anyone who is looking for a good agency of escorts. I wanted a memorable experience with a beautiful New York Japanese escort girl with a personality to match and the girl recommended by the agency turned out to be all this and more. Would definitely hire their girls again. They almost sense what you want in your rendezvous.

Left a Review for Grace


Escorts Par Excellence!-I wish I had experienced the services rendered by your girls before. They know the needs of a gentleman well and tend to them in a way that remains memorable in the mind of the person. When you pay well you expect a good treatment. The girl I hired made me feel like a king and the treatment was exceptional! What marks this escort service out is the personal level brought forth by their girls who make you feel right at home. Will surely give your escort services another try. It’s worth the money!

Left a Review for Cathy


Great Service! With escort services, you are never really sure. Things might not turn out the way you want. But with your escort service, you are sure to have an outstanding experience with girls who have just the right combination of beauty and personality. You are not engaging a doll to satiate your physical desires, you feel as if you interacting with a really great and hot person right from the word go. I would recommend this service to all people looking for a sophisticated experience of interacting with a woman!

Left a Review for Zoey


An affair to remember!-When I opted for your service the first time around, I was a bit apprehensive. Escort services promise so many things but rarely deliver. But your service was different. In fact, it might rightly be said to be head and shoulders above the competition. The girls give you just the kind of experience you are looking for. All in all, I found the investment to be money well spent.

Left a Review for Doris


An Escort Service for Gentlemen-If you are a sort of a gentleman like me and are looking forward to an adventurous time with a really beautiful woman while maintaining discretion then I wholeheartedly recommend this service. The girls are gorgeous and have an amiable personality that resonates with a gentlemanly heart. Kudos to the managers of the agency for picking only the best girls.

Left a Review for Jenny


She is perfect.Very beautiful, clean and fun.I like being with her so I call for her every week. Asian Amour escort is doing a perfect job with the support and I love the service.Maybe I will try a new girl soon…who knows?

Left a Review for Vivian


I will surely give this service another try-To me, discretion is one of the essential parts of an escort agency that I hire. And this service did not disappoint me in any way. In the discretion of their services, they were top class. In the attractiveness of their girls too they scored high. Finally, the charming personality of the girls made this escort service notches up above the competition.

Left a review for Bella


An Experience Customized to Your Need-You are not in the same mood every time you hire an escort and it is quite natural to have different needs at different moments. And guess what, the girls of this agency are like mind readers and change their behavior along with attitude to suit the moment. You have a cherished experience that no other escort service has provided me with in the past. An experience that you must try out.

Left a review for Emily


The girls charm their way to your heart-I do not get along well with people generally, not to speak of women. But the girl sent by this escort service made me feel right at home and before long I was savoring the delights of life with them. If you are looking for girls who make you feel cozy and comfortable there is simply no better escort agency that can provide you with superior services.

Left a review for Irene


It was an amazing experience.I loved Emily, she is busty and very nice to me,and we had a real treat during the time.She is erotic and i would like to be with her again soon

Left a review for Betty


A New York Asian Escort Service That Stands Out-Over the years I have observed that New York Asian Escort agencies score high in some aspects while they fail in delivering the goods in other respects. But your service is a wonder, one of its kind. It delivers almost on all accounts whether they be of discretion, the physical beauty of the girls, the attractiveness of their personality or any other aspect that may come to mind. I try out their service whenever I feel the need for an escort service.

Left a Review for Miss June


You Definitely Want to Hire This New York Asian Escort agency-Asian Amour Outcalls do not get much better than this. When it comes to realizing what the client wants and changing the approach to the encounter, these girls surely know their way around.

My first experience with an escort agency was with this service itself. Since then, I have tried out other services but the services rendered by you continue to linger positively in my mind, a reason behind my coming back to your agency time and time again. You definitely want to try out this service!

Left a Review for Eva


Super Service-If you are looking for an escort agency that will give you dollops of superb service, then this is it. Superb girls who not only look good but have an enchanting personality as well, discretion, timely response and the attitude that just meets the occasion – this New York escorts agency has it all. Would like to thank the people behind this agency for an overall super service!

Left a review for Lydia


An Agency with Some Superb Girls–The quality of the girls of your agency is simply in one word-exemplary. They know how to make you feel comfortable and make the whole experience truly an experience to remember. They almost sense in what state of mind you are in and act according to that. I had tried out escort agencies before I chanced upon this one, but they are all pale in comparison to the all-around excellent New York escorts services.

Left a review for Cecilia


A Truly Extraordinary Experience–When you compare the competition, you see for yourself why this escort agency is the agency to turn to for all gentlemen. They observe utmost discretion and the girls are a pleasure to mix with. With an eclectic blend of just the right amount of personality and beauty, they make the terse moments so natural and comfortable. Professional yet personal, this New York escorts agency is truly the escort service you want to turn to.


Left a review for Yvonne

An All-around Excellent Service–When you turn to a New York Asian escort agency irrespective of the celebration of exuberance or any other reason, you want some basic criteria met. For gentlemen, these are considerably more. And this agency gives them all another reason to rejoice. The women employed by this agency know how to behave and please. They are great looking too. Overall it may be safely said that you get a service worth your money. Thanks.

Left a Review for Sherry


Other New York escort agencies Lie Far Behind–When I hired you I did not have the slightest idea about the exemplary New York Asian Escort service that lay in front of me as I was used to the ordinary, run of the mill escort agencies. But after enjoying every moment I spent with a girl of this New York Asian escort agency, I have sworn never to waste money on other agencies. It is that good. Thanks and keep up your efforts at keeping the needs of the clients at the forefront.

Left a review for Nancy


I Treasured Every Moment of Hiring Your Services–The moment I spoke to your representatives, I knew that something exceptional lay in store for me, something out of the ordinary. And my gut feeling astounded even me with its accuracy. The escort was just


Special Services by Special Escorts–Yours is really a great New York Asian escort agency. It has everything that a person like me can possibly want from such a service. The service was provided with discretion and the girl was simply a treasure. Great looks and figure with a personality that complemented her appearance to perfection. She surely knew how to get along with people and not long after our first acquaintance, we were all warm and comfortable. Just the right combination of professionalism and the personal touch.

Left a review for  June and Emily


They made my dream come true!It was really fantastic and I love the professional New York Asian Escort girl from this agency! The girls are very traditional…I love them and I will surely call them again

Left a review for our Nuru massage service


It was very fun with her! I am happy I decided to ask for her companionship. I will call again soon!

left a review for our Companion Service


A Gem of an Escort Agency-I have tried out your agency both for personal and professional purposes and am yet to have to say or even hear anything negative about you. And to me the reason is obvious. You provide a gem of a service as I have experienced firsthand. I do not know how you have all those wonderful women on your list but most of them are treasures to be experienced whenever the situation so demands.


Enter Asian Escort Gallery



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  1. GOOD expeience with her during the trip Manhattan, real picture as shown in the profile, trustworthy escort agency in new york!!

  2. asian amour is always my favorate agency in Manhattan, they allow quite excellent explicit services that most other agencies cannot not and will not provide, will save for the future, Thanks so much————–!!!!

  3. she’s very beautiful and charming, definitely worth my time and money

  4. The Best Escorts Agency Ever – I know I am talking in superlative terms but your service deserves it, down to the last word. The women are attractive and a pleasure to interact with. They have an unmatched combination of personality and beauty and are able to sense your wants and try to satisfy them to the fullest. Really, once one has had the pleasure of hiring an escorts agency like yours one does not need to look any further.

  5. I am sure to hire your new york escort services again- Your services are perfectly what gentlemen like me need. A savvy and cultured woman who knows your desires and even better knows how to meet them. Hiring your services is a sure way to get rid of some of the negativity that befalls upon us in the course of our day to day lives. Great job and keep up your high standards.

  6. She is awesome…………….. I will give her 100 stars. A very lovely lady and time will fly like anything.,,, I have never come across any negative comments regarding either the discretion with which you provide your services or the quality of the girls provided by your agency. Really, truckloads of thanks.

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  8. EN >>> I had the chance to meet Laura when I was in Manhattan. We spent together nice afternoon and night. I was amazed from the first moment I saw her. Very beautiful girl with innocent face,,,,Every time i came to new york, will use this service over and over again, high-level standard service, relax during the business trip

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