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NYC Escort:Grace/27/5’6″

NYC Escort Model: Grace

  • Measurements 34D-25-35
  • Height:5’6″
  • Weight:112 lbs
  • Origin: Japanese
  • Drink: No
  • Smoke: No
  • English: Good for Working

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Her style of dressing depends with the occasion but most times, Grace wears what complements her personality and class. She is and eastern girl with a nice skin. She is very straightforward about how you her to please a man. She is available anytime of the day.

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The nearest are you can find her is South Japan area. If you are looking for a fun time, Grace is definitely the girl for you. Her massages will live you more relaxed than ever. Hoping to see her soon, book early and get ready for the most pleasant time of your life.

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My name is Grace and I’m 27 year old single lady. I’m Japanese and fluent in English language. I’m here to make your romance life better than perfect. I know a lot about entertainment, being an escort girl I know the importance and how to pleasure a lonely man.

My aim is to help men have better adulthood lives, be happy and make every experience exciting by fulfilling your bodily desires. I give first-class adult entertainment services.I’m available for men who are in need of companionship, passion, romance or any other services.I’m a lovely lady who intends to touch your adulthood soul .I understand about the challenges of finding a loving partner so you have a chance to meet a young lady like me to fulfill your needs.

I’m willing to bring a huge excitement in your lonely life, whether you chose it alone, or with another person, but best I will fulfill all bodily wants, needs and fantasies you may have. In fact, I will make your dreams a reality. One thing for sure, once you get a chance with me, you will definitely develop vast anxiety to visit me and get to enjoy your adulthood life. I have wide range of reasons to make you enjoy the entire process taking into consideration my beauty and romance capabilities.

All I offer is services with relaxation, pleasure, enhancement and excitement. The process of getting access to my services is simple and less costly. Even when you are on holiday there is method that suits based on your availability.

I’m good at blurting out all the sweet words you can think of to better you romance mood. I can display a few photos you will understand what we mean. If you call or message me, you will for sure enjoy my services soonest possible.

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NYC Escort: Irene/23/5’6″

NYC Escort Model: Irene

  • Measurements: 34C~25~36
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Origin: Japanese
  • Drink: SomeTimes
  • Smoke: SomeTimes

Hi, Irene here, as an Asian escort girl in NYC, I know that men prefer me for my beauty. I beautiful both inside and outside when you do hire me. I will always make sure that you do enjoy the times that you will have with me especially when thinking of the best moments together.






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Cute and sexy Irene is the one who can satisfy all your fantasies

Many men often know that Korean women are among the most beautiful women in the world. As a young Korean woman, I realized my beauty when I was a teenager. I knew that I had to make a career out of my beauty and character since they were my strongest points as a personality. These reasons is why I went to school in New York City to get the training I needed to be the best in the city. I knew that I was going to be the best when I was enjoying myself in the career. Here is my profile:

Outstanding girls will be happy to spend time with you

I have been in escort industry for over 10 months that has given me skills as well as passion to do what will make you enjoy yourself during your free time. I know that many people will always enable that I am the best when offering them these services. If you can hire me today, I will make sure that you do have a night remember.

—-Said by Irene

We can assure you that Irene is well-selected. Our nyc escorts are experienced, smart, and well-behaved. She knows how to act, in anytime and anywhere. She’ll make you proud if you hold her hand at many events, whether they are formal or semi formal. She speaks in a very good manner and dresses properly at any event. She knows everything that you want to know about Manhattan, so you can count on her during your short visit in the NYC.

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

NYC Escort:Betty/24/5’4″

NYC Escort Model:Betty

  • Measurements 34C~26~36
  • Height 5’4″
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Body Type: Slim Young College girl
  • Drink: NO
  • Smoke: NO
  • Origin: Japanese
  • English: Good for Work

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

I am an Erotic Asian escort girl who will make sure that you do enjoy yourself especially when you want to enjoy your holiday. I have experience in escort industry having been there for a couple of years. When you do choose what I do offer, you will always be certain that I will satisfy your needs when looking forward to relax in an amazing way.














Escort Description:

She’s also the type of girl who’s really into going to swimming pools because she likes having a good swim. If she’s no longer shy around you she might want, you to join her in the pool. Who knows, maybe some kind of spark will start in that pool experience and she might start touching you in places you never imagined a woman could reach.

If you get a chance, why not bring her in some places you find familiar and sentimental. She would love to share those special moments with you. She loves it when you open up to her, she would even talk with you about it. There might be a slight Singaporean influence in her voice because she’s an Asian Escort, but that just makes it all the more cuter don’t you think?

This escort Betty, not just provide you the dream you are dreaming of, but may actually give you heavy relaxing massages you’ve actually waiting for. It’s possible not impossible that you purchase her NYC escort for a span of 1 to 24 hours. The best part is that one can reserve nearly every companion service you wanted at any time of night or the day.


Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

Fetish Asian Girl service provider

NYC Escort:Doris/24/5’4″

NYC Escort Model:Doris

  • Call us for Booking EscortMeasurements: 34D~25~36
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Origin: Japanese
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: Sometimes
  • Body Type:Slim
  • Character: Spicy and Active

Call via phone to book her Today: +1 (212) 537-6626

Doris is a young lady of classic and elegance when it comes to Manhattan escorts. She is the type of girl that will go out on a date with you and all the other man will be looking at her. Her brown eyes make her face look stunning and the contrast is magnificent with her dark hair. You cannot miss to see her long legs that give her a tall stature like the model she is. She is spontaneous and fun, never a dull moment while spending time with her. Apart from her great looks, she is highly educated and smart.

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She has the perfect combination of a smart and beautiful New York escort call girls

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