3 Unforgettable Local Hot Spots: A Night on the Town in East Williams burg, Brooklyn

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Being one of the premier spots in the world to experience the nightlife, New York travelers are most definitely spoiled for choice. It’s the kind of city that has a bar or club on every corner and something for every type of taste.

Navigating that sea of endless options can be a headache, even for locals. I’ve procured a list of three establishments in East Williams-burg, Brooklyn, for someone that’s looking to feel like a New Yorker. This plan is for someone that wants to take a slice out of the Brooklyn pie, just for one night, and make new friends while bar hopping from one unique location to another.

A Night on the Town in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn: 3 Unforgettable Local Hot Spots

Start your evening off with some of the most creative and most delicious cocktails that New York has to offer, at the cozy neighborhood bar, “Yours Sincerely.” Coming from Manhattan, take the L train to the Morgan Avenue stop. Get off and walk to the corner of Mel rose and Wilson Ave.


If you arrive between 5 PM and 8 PM, you’ll be there in time for happy hour and will probably be surrounded by a small group of sophisticated and friendly locals gearing up for their own night on the town, or maybe just winding down after work.  If you’re the shy type, be sure to gather enough courage to chat with one of the knowledge bartenders on duty, and ask them to make you something extra special.


All you have to do is say what it is your taste buds desire; a salty/sour beverage or perhaps a piece of chocolate cake? The world is your oyster, so make sure you take advantage.


After you’ve had at least one at “Yours Sincerely,” walk north up Flushing Avenue until you reach Gardner Street, there you’ll find the wonderfully delicious Nicaraguan restaurant called “Chicha,” our second stop for the evening. One of the best things about the US is the diversity it attracts and sampling their savory dishes of beef or pork alongside a masterfully crafted cocktail, you’ll remember why you got on a plane to experience this city. We recommend the spicy Churriguera steak and Nicaraguan guacamole, paired with a fruity cocktail of your choice.


After you’ve eaten your fill, walk down east on Johnson Street, make a right on Knickerbocker Avenue until you see Meserole Street. There, you’ll find the wonderfully lively rooftop bar called “Wicked Lady.”  At this point, it should be past 11 PM, and the night is young.


Grab a drink from the bar and enjoy the spirit of youth that pulses through this neighborhood hotspot of young, sexy professionals looking to celebrate life in their own unique way. Don’t miss sampling one of their famous tiki cocktails in summer, or a hot toddy cocktail in winter with a shot or two of whiskey to warm your bones.


As you jump in a cab or slink back to the subway, pleasantly exhausted, remember to think fondly on your time living as the residents of Brooklyn do. Full of celebration, and full of life.


For Reference:   Yours Sincerely
41 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237




198 Randolph St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

(718) 366-2114



Our Wicked Lady

153 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237



Final Thoughts:

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