AN ATOMIC BOMB TV SHOW! Things About Manhattan TV Show that You didn’t know

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Manhattan Project is the name given to the US plan to develop an atomic bomb. The germans by their side were looking for the same purpose. The first one in reach the development of the bomb would take the final prize, the victory in the Second War World and the control of the world. In the program, we’re going to get into the small military village created in the middle of the nothing to get that purpose. And we’re going to discover the life of the scientific who got closed them to research and execute the plan.

At the front of the Manhattan Project was Robert Oppenheimer. And, by it side the german project was directed by the scientific Werner Heisenberg, also known due to being one of the creators of the quantic physic. The United States created in Los Alamos, New Mexico one of their Centers to reach the development of the bomb to get finished the World War. That dusty, away from the world and gathered around by militaries village was the home of entire families and scientific who would do the Manhattan Project.

Manhattan TV Show is fiction. It’s not a documental. It’s fiction related in a historic context where are combined real characters with fakes one. The real things about this Series it’s that the project was a fact, the place existed and the bomb was developed. The fake are the details, the most of the characters and the plot that we’ll see. So, we can’t wait that the WGN America Channel and the developers of the series hadn’t modified the real plot. In fact, they added new characters and even they molded the history to make it more attractive. Furthermore, the Manhattan Project was a top-secret document, so the writers have written a lot of things thanks to their imagination.

In the show, the protagonists are a scientific group dedicated to developing an alternative solution to reach the design of the atomic bomb. Some of the protagonists at front of the Manhattan Project are Frank Winter starring by John Benjamin Hickey. He lives dedicated in body and soul to the project. Likely the most of the scientific there, he’s with his daughter and his wife, it means his family. The family of the scientific don’t know what’s about the project they’re researching thanks to its confidentiality. Frank’s wife is a botanic, Liza Winter starring by Olivia Williams.

The Winter Family share their showing off with the Isaacs family, a young pair who arrive until Los Alamos because Charlie is going to be part of the principal researching team. The woman of Charlie, Abby is the newbie of the place. She’s the character trough we’re going discovering the village. Abby is starred by Rachel Brosnahan.

In the Manhattan TV Show is combined the investigation with the competence between scientific, the espionage, the radioactivity and it’s spread with the common personal things of the day by day. Sometimes that place seems more as a jail than a research center. This last point is due of the obligation of the family to be there with the scientific. And the son, daughter or wife are there sacrificing their aspirations without any other activity thanks to the work of their father or spouse.


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MANHATTAN LOVE STORY. written by: jimson
My review of airbnb new york written by New Yorker

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