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In recent years, along with the rise and fall of various hotels and food restaurants, New York city has seen a rapid blooming of a particular chain of hotels. Known as ‘Yotel’, these hotels have acquired fame due to their numerous benefits, affordable prices, and very comfortable environment.


Yotel New York provides all the facilities a person would expect from a luxury hotel, that too at the most reasonable prices. Hence, they have become the top choice for tourists who plan to visit New York and need a reliable place to stay.The concept of Yotel is inspired from the Japanese capsule hotels.


A Yotel consists of small but smartly designed and well-furnished rooms that are good enough for a person to like them. Further, one of these hotels is known to have the largest hotel terrace in New York. Having firstly opened in 2007, these hotels rapidly gained a special place in the hearts of the New York population and hence, became one of the best hotels in New York.
The various facilities provided by Yotel include freshly prepared food of high quality, best servicing, and extremely comfortable rooms.


Also, on booking, guests are allowed to have their own space according to their leisure. Another benefit given by these hotels is the provision of seasonal or conditional discounts. Special discounts are provided to regular customers with added benefits. Additionally, suitable discounts are also provided according to the upcoming festivals. Other facilities include free parking, availability of Wi-fi, security, pool facility and the presence of gymnasiums within them. Due to the above-mentioned facilities, people are bound to get impressed by these hotels.
Along with the provision of common necessary facilities, these hotels have some unique capabilities also which are rarely available in other hotels of similar level. For instance, they provide the electronic check-in facility, which is largely preferred by the customers. Also, all of their rooms are soundproof. These soundproof rooms are ideal for those people who need to arrange business meetings and don’t want to get disturbed by outer interruptions.


The facility for the online reservation of rooms or tables is also considered as a major fact responsible for the increasing customers of these hotels.

On the top of all, another special thing that retains the uniqueness of these hotels is the presence of Yobot. A Yobot is a kind of robot which is designed to pick up, store and retrieve the luggage of guests. After the arrival of guests, it brings a container to collect the luggage of guests and, takes them to their respective rooms.The robotics system of a Yobot is the only one of its kind and cannot be seen at other places except a Yotel.


Surprisingly, these tiny robots are being appreciated worldwide and people who visit New York especially make reservations in these hotels just to enjoy the actions of these robots.
Considering the above facts, there is no denying that a Yotel is a place worth to stay during the trip to New York as it is easy to reserve, has many eye-catching features and benefits and above all, is luxurious as well as affordable for middle class families also.


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