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NYC Escort: Irene/23/5’6″

NYC Escort Model: Irene

  • Measurements: 34C~25~36
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Origin: Japanese
  • Drink: SomeTimes
  • Smoke: SomeTimes

Hi, Irene here, as an Asian escort girl in NYC, I know that men prefer me for my beauty. I beautiful both inside and outside when you do hire me. I will always make sure that you do enjoy the times that you will have with me especially when thinking of the best moments together.






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Cute and sexy Irene is the one who can satisfy all your fantasies

Many men often know that Korean women are among the most beautiful women in the world. As a young Korean woman, I realized my beauty when I was a teenager. I knew that I had to make a career out of my beauty and character since they were my strongest points as a personality. These reasons is why I went to school in New York City to get the training I needed to be the best in the city. I knew that I was going to be the best when I was enjoying myself in the career. Here is my profile:

Outstanding girls will be happy to spend time with you

I have been in escort industry for over 10 months that has given me skills as well as passion to do what will make you enjoy yourself during your free time. I know that many people will always enable that I am the best when offering them these services. If you can hire me today, I will make sure that you do have a night remember.

—-Said by Irene

We can assure you that Irene is well-selected. Our nyc escorts are experienced, smart, and well-behaved. She knows how to act, in anytime and anywhere. She’ll make you proud if you hold her hand at many events, whether they are formal or semi formal. She speaks in a very good manner and dresses properly at any event. She knows everything that you want to know about Manhattan, so you can count on her during your short visit in the NYC.

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

Top Asian call girl

NYC Escort: Cathy/23/5’6″

NYC Escort Model: Cathy

  • Measurements 36D~26~37
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 98  lbs
  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Drink: Sometimes
  • Smoke: Sometimes
  • Job Statue: College girl
  • English: Good for work

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Her name is Cathy.She is 23 years old,from Vietnam but she lives in New York.Cathy is a sexy model who is open minded and able to response for every dark desire in your head.You will go crazy with her dark eyes which will lead you through the night.

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Real pleasure with Cathy

She has a curvy body very tight and her oriental skin will own you experience like you never had before.Her nice-rounded breast will leave you breathless.She has a sensual sense capable to give herself up to you and committed to the darkness.With a different range of points to enjoy,from bathrooms to bed,she will do everything sweeter for you.

She is rated with a 5 star for providing services which means you will have a very close contact with a professional face,and not only with face.You will get a pleasure with experience and a little dose for amusement.She owns you a distraction and weirdness which you has hided from others and on this way she will release you from all your negative energy.Her oriental skills and movement like unreal dream will show you how it’s not possible living witohut powerfull passion.Cathy like a little cat will nestle and stratch you just a little to set alive every part of your body.

Call US: +1 (212) 537-6626

Spending your time with this amazing and elegant girl will be one of the best night in your life.All the stars will be closer to you and you will be able to catch all of them and domineer an empire of the night beasts.Cathy is the best choice because of her flirty and irresistible charm very capable to take you through the dark corridors of the underworld.
It was just an Asian escort girl’s introduction but she is a special hot so I can recommend you-Don’t miss this cat.

NYC Escort:Betty/24/5’4″

NYC Escort Model:Betty

  • Measurements 34C~26~36
  • Height 5’4″
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Body Type: Slim Young College girl
  • Drink: NO
  • Smoke: NO
  • Origin: Japanese
  • English: Good for Work

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

I am an Erotic Asian escort girl who will make sure that you do enjoy yourself especially when you want to enjoy your holiday. I have experience in escort industry having been there for a couple of years. When you do choose what I do offer, you will always be certain that I will satisfy your needs when looking forward to relax in an amazing way.














Escort Description:

She’s also the type of girl who’s really into going to swimming pools because she likes having a good swim. If she’s no longer shy around you she might want, you to join her in the pool. Who knows, maybe some kind of spark will start in that pool experience and she might start touching you in places you never imagined a woman could reach.

If you get a chance, why not bring her in some places you find familiar and sentimental. She would love to share those special moments with you. She loves it when you open up to her, she would even talk with you about it. There might be a slight Singaporean influence in her voice because she’s an Asian Escort, but that just makes it all the more cuter don’t you think?

This escort Betty, not just provide you the dream you are dreaming of, but may actually give you heavy relaxing massages you’ve actually waiting for. It’s possible not impossible that you purchase her NYC escort for a span of 1 to 24 hours. The best part is that one can reserve nearly every companion service you wanted at any time of night or the day.


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Sexy Young girl

NYC Escort:Cecilia/28/5‘3”

NYC Escort Model:Cecilia

  • Call us for Booking EscortMeasurements: 34D~25~35
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Drink: No
  • Smoke: Sometimes
  • English: Good for working

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626 for Booking Cecilia Service

Standing 5 ft 4 inch tall, this pretty eastern Model is a complete pack of all what you need. Owing a wonderful body and a smooth skin, wide ranging service with A level skills

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Manhattan Escort agency

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Manhattan Escort agency

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Manhattan Escort agency

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I can offer you a heavenly experience because my man deserves the best. I can touch you in all the right spots and when it is time you will be screaming in ecstasy. My body is yours. Don’t just be satisfied by my pictures. I promise that I am much more sexier in person.

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Touch me, tease me kiss me, please me. I am yours for the takings. Imagine your strong body rubbing against my sweet and supple soft body on the road to climax. Baby I taste sweeter then the fines wine. I am as addictive as heroin. I am your angel here to fulfill all your dirty wishes. Show me how it is done. Give it all to me. I can take it ;).

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Do you know what she really loves to do most?

It is having a nice cozy bed to lay her body in with a person beside her to keep her company. Nothing beats having a nice time in bed with an Asian Escort right? She loves doing stuff in bed like talking, laughing, with some occasional hugs and holding hands. But if you’re lucky, she might just show you her secret.

She doesn’t usually share this secret, but if I can promise you one thing. She’s bound to share her secret with you in that warm cozy bed. She might not look it, but she can really do something to you in that one magical night that would totally enchant your senses with warmth and romance even if only for a short time.

But who ever said an Asian Escort can only come once? You can call her anytime you want anywhere. Why not today? She’s waiting…

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626 for booking Cecilia Service