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New York Nuru Massage Services Offered By Asian Amour is So much special

New York Nuru massage is an old healing therapy that combines Ayurvedic principles and acupressure. At our company we provide reliable Nuru massage services. We understand that unlike Swedish massage that focuses on the physical aspect of the body, Nuru massage combines both techniques and physiotherapies such as trigger point treatments, Neuro muscular therapy a, my offcial techniques and manual therapy to achieve specific goals.

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Since Nuru Massage combines both physical and energetic aspects, it is effective and gives the body a full treatment. It starts from the feet and progresses to the head. It utilizes a sequence of gentle exercises and movement that gives the body energy it requires. Apart from top-rated enjoyment, here are the benefits you are most likely to get if you pay for our Nuru massage NYC services.

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New York Nuru Massage Heals the Body

Nuru massage is over 2000 years old and is believed to have a unique healing effect to the body. It was developed by experts who used the technique to treat illness and maintain the well being of the body. It combines calmness and meditation as well as acupressure, reflexology and movement hence its healing capability. The procedure involves the use of the feet, the elbows, physical and mental tact to psychologically benefit the patient.


Helps One Sleep and Relax

Nuru massage uses gentle pressure and yoga like stretching to make one relax and give the body a deeper level of relaxation that improves ones emotional status. Deeper relaxation promotes deeper restorative nights and helps one to fall asleep at night. The sleep is important since it helps one to feel refreshed when he wakes up.


NYC Nuru Massage Enhances Flexibility

Since the individual is taken through gradual movements using different yoga styles and positions, it enhances ones flexibility and allows for a greater range of motion. This is important in improving the overall blood circulation, reduces muscle stress and prevents trip and fall accidents.

Nuru Massage service Keeps Heart Problems Away

Nuru massage centers the patient by using slow movements that allow the spirit and the mind to slow down and enjoy the true form of relaxation. It thus centers the individual and keeps stressors at bay. When this happens, it reduces blood pressure hence reduces chances of occurrence of heart problems. It also lowers one’s ability to react to stressors further lowering the occurrence of heart related complications.

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Reverses Type 2 Diabetes and Helps Maintain Type 1 Diabetes

In a nut shell, Nuru massage plays a vital role in helping one to relax and allow the flow of more fluid within the muscles. This is what helps to increase the level of energy in the body and plays a role in helping maintain a healthy body. It lowers the blood sugar levels and reverses the onset of type 2 diabetes and plays a role in helping maintain type-1 diabetes.

The following are some of the physical benefits associated with our New York Nuru massage:

  • It plays a leading role in detoxicating the body and boost ones immune system
  • The massage increases blood circulation in the body and also reduce blood pressure.
  • It is ideal and good for muscle relaxation since it increases flexibility in one’s muscles hence increases his mobility.
  • It enhances and improves ones breathing capability.
  • Helps to improve one’s posture, balance and enables the body to attain a correct alignment that dissolves any energy blockages.
  • It enhances and improves the performance of athletes if done by competent therapists.
  • It helps to relieve back pain and arthritis
  • It is one of the methods that you can use to strengthen and tone the body so that it can fight diseases and alleviate problems such as chronic joint problems.
  • It alleviates degenerative diseases and prevents illness.
  • Nuru massage is thought to slow down the aging process.

When the circulatory system is enhanced, it allows for a constant flow of blood in the body. This means that more oxygen is brought to the brain and effectively lowers the number of headaches and migraines one can suffer from. Also, when blood circulation is increased, it lowers chances of arteries and blood clotting. Therefore, Nuru massage rejuvenates, make one feel energetic and make him feel fresh. With this and more benefits to be discussed, this is why you ought to rely Asian Amour New York Nuru massage services.

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