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Love is something that is sought after by every living soul in the universe. A vast majority of every living soul will cross the hottest desert, climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean just to find this presently elusive thing called love. Once it is found, romance follows in order to keep this fire burning deep within.


Most of the greatest songs of all time are composed for one reason, love. If you are blessed enough to have found love, treasure it as one of your most cherished assets and do everything you can not to lose it. Movies are also directed and produced in the name of bringing love to its full definition.One of those productions is the ‘Manhattan Love Story’ which seems to have captured the hearts and minds of many as it reveals the comical side of love.


This series shows that there is something more to love than physical contact between two people. Love also has a good sense of humor. This story revolves around a young woman, Dana, who lives in New York and dreams of making it big in business and in love. Peter, on the other hand, believes that he has ‘been there, done that’ which is not the case as pertains to love. Eventually, in the sudden twist of destiny, these two hearts are entwined by this amazing thing called love.


This was especially made to happen by Peter’s side of the family, specifically, his sister-in-law. Once they are hooked up, the perfect combination of comedy and romance is brought into the picture. The comical chemistry between Peter and Dana is something to look forward to in every episode that is released and aired. This one season has 11 episodes to its name and there are still no reports revealing any future plans of the release of a second season. Manhattan Love Story boasts over 1 million viewers in the United States alone, not to mention the worldwide arena.


The contrasting and conflicting opinions that men and women normally have especially in the initial stages of their relationships are brought to the limelight in this comedy. How to tackle this issue is something that still puzzles many people in relationships, even the ones that have been married for so long. Though the couple is always entangled in a series of jealousy fights and disagreements to do with ex’s, they always manage to find the way back into each other’s arms. Love keeps calling them back no matter how far they go.


Each episode has unsolved issue that they have to work on and they mostly revolve around their past lives. They are each finding it hard to come to terms with their present and to let go of their past.They try the most dubious of ways to get on each other’s nerves but eventually they realize that loving each other is all they want to do. If you feel your relationship is on the rocks and nothing can be done to salvage it, there is always a way out.


Watching this comedy gives ideas on how to have that light moment with your significant other even in the middle of a heated argument. READ MORE:

A Guide to Asian Massage in NYC
AN ATOMIC BOMB TV SHOW! Things About Manhattan TV Show that You didn't know

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