NYC Escort:Betty/24/5’4″

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NYC Escort Model:Betty

Hair:96  lbs
Body Type:Busty slim
Nationality:Japanese  Origin
Languages:Fluent English
Location:New York City
Services:Out-call Escort Service

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

I am an erotic Japanese escort girl who will make sure that you have the most fun while you’re enjoying your holiday. I’m a slim and cute college girl with a great smile who loves to have fun and would love to have a lot of that fun with you! If you’re looking for a sexy petite girl who can liven up any date or private experience, then I’d love to make your acquaintance!













I have several years of experience in the escort industry that have given me many skills that will make your escort experience in New York special. When you choose to spend your time with me, you will always be certain that I will satisfy your needs when you’re seeking relaxation like you’ve never had before.


Escort Description:


One of Betty’s favorite things in the world is going to swimming pools and having a good swim. Once the two of you get to know each other better and she’s no longer shy around you she might want you to join her in the pool. Who knows, maybe some kind of spark will start in that pool experience and she might start touching you in places you never imagined a woman could reach.


If you get a chance, why not bring her in some places you find familiar and sentimental. She would love to share those special moments with you as you share your comfort with her. She loves it when you open up to her, as she loves talking and getting to know new people. There might be a slight Singaporean influence in her accent due to her background as an Asian escort, but that does make her all the cuter, don’t you think?


Betty won’t just fulfill your dreams, but can give you some of the best heavy, relaxing massages that you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy her company for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours, though be careful, once you’ve had her company, you may never want to part from her! The best part is that one can reserve nearly every companion service with her you desire at any time of night or the day.

Call via Phone: +1 (212) 537-6626

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